Launching August 9, 2022

Stereoboy will be available for Mac and Windows on Steam

Jump between parallel worlds

Blit, plucky robot astronaut, is stranded on Planet SO-671, a mysterious world that was split in half by an ancient catastrophe. Blit can harness quantum energy to teleport between parallel worlds, making it easy to navigate SO-671's daunting terrain. It's also a pretty neat trick at parties.

Solve puzzles across dimensions

Stereo Boy is chock-full of interlocking puzzle mechanics, requiring you to use Blit's teleportation ability in increasingly creative and intricate ways.

It helps to have a ray gun

No mysterious alien planet is complete without some hostile baddies eager to ruin your day. Blit can take them head-on, or dodge them with some crafty cross-dimensional footwork.

Explore a lush, mysterious world

Each of Stereo Boy's 50+ levels is a unique puzzle box, forming an experience that's equal parts challenging, meditative, and charming. Collect shards to unlock bonus levels and discover the story behind SO-671's lost civilization.