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STEREO BOY Privacy Policy

This policy describes the kind of player data we (Main Gauche Games) collect via the Stereo Boy game client.

First off, we don't require players to consent to data collection to play the game. Players are presented with an opt-in prompt at the very start of the game. It might even be how you arrived at this document. If you happened to opt-in, this document should help you understand what we're collecting and why.

We collect data for the following reasons:

We do not collect information for marketing purposes, nor do we sell the information we collect.

The vast majority of the data we collect is restricted to technical details that come purely from the game, such as frame rate, memory consumption, how many levels were played, etc. Moreover, we analyze the data almost entirely in aggregated form, i.e., as averages, distributions, and sums.

We do not collect any information that is tied directly to the real-world identity of the player. The game client does not have access to details like your name, contact info, age, etc. However, some of the information that the game collects may be considered personally-identifying information by stricter privacy laws such as the EU's GDPR. This includes the following:

We do not directly receive data from the game client. Instead, the data that the game collects is sent from player devices to two vendor services, each of which have their own privacy and data handling policies that could interest you:

If you have any questions, feel free to reach us at info@maingauche.games. Thanks for reading!