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Welcome to the Stereo Boy press page. If you're interested in a review key or don't see the resources you need, feel free to reach out at info@maingauche.games.

Fact Sheet


Stereo Boy is a sci-fi adventure featuring mind-bending puzzles, a unique teleportation mechanic, and striking, split-screen isometric environments.

Play as Blit, a plucky robot astronaut who’s stranded on a mysterious world split into two parallel dimensions. Blit can jump between these dimensions, allowing you to traverse seemingly-impossible terrain. Navigate mazes, solve puzzles, blast the occasional spiky alien thing, and help Blit find a way home!


  • Single-player, split-screen gameplay: Zig-zag between parallel worlds, using bridges and ramps in one world to access hard-to-reach areas in the other.
  • Solve puzzles across dimensions: Stereo Boy is chock-full of interlocking puzzle mechanics, requiring you to use Blit’s teleportation ability in increasingly creative and intricate ways.
  • Light action, with a ray gun: No space adventure would be complete without hostile alien baddies. Confront them head-on, or avoid them with some clever cross-dimensional footwork.
  • Explore a lush, mysterious world: Each of Stereo Boy’s 50+ levels is a unique, tightly-designed puzzle box. Collect shards to unlock bonus content, and discover dozens of logs depicting the tragic (and sometimes hilarious) last days of a lost civilization.

About the developer

Main Gauche Games is an independent game studio founded in 2022 by a pair of Silicon Valley burnouts, Jeff Lee and Dominic Dagradi. They began making games as a pandemic side-hustle, producing hundreds of hours of game dev Twitch streams, along with a few game jam games that were actually kind of okay. Stereo Boy is their first full-time game project, as well as their first commercial release.

The studio is headquartered in a Slack workspace straddling both US coasts. For the future, Main Gauche Games aspires to thoughtful cult hits, worker ownership, and a more decent and just society.




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